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Reiki Treatment

About Reiki

Healing With Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki is an ancient healing modality that existed for centuries traditionally known as "laying of the hands". Reiki is vibrational healing energy medicine that can help heal you. Reiki energy flows to the client through the practitioner from the Universe's well of unlimited energy.

Reiki is pure life force energy that exists in higher dimensions at our disposal for us to use for healing. 

An in-person treatment of Reiki requires the client to lie on his or her back, close their eyes, and allow the practitioner to either touch or hover their hands along their body's meridians, chakras, and nadirs. The patient may or may not feel anything, but most clients report deep relaxation that they haven't felt in a very long time sometimes decades!

 Reiki treatments are also known to aid in injuries, surgery recovery, heart disease, broken bones, emotional issues, memory, multiple sclerosis, and more. Reiki is being used more and more in hospitals because studies have proved it to be helpful in healing and recovery. Some hospitals that currently use Reiki are Albany Medical Center and Hackensack Medical Center.

Distance Reiki can be done from anywhere to anywhere. This is where space and time collapse. Client will send a picture of him or herself or it can be done by zoom or skype at the scheduled time. The client will get into a position of relaxation or just go about their life. Reiki will be sent and the client will receive it when he's ready. You have to be Attuned to this degree in order to practice it because you learn symbols to use to send Reiki energy. The distance treatment can be done by zoom. I am a Reiki II Practitioner.

Study: Journal of Holistic Nursing 1989 Who: Patients who were in pain for at least one year (headaches, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, peptic ulcer, HIV, etc)  What: Four different groups were formed and they were Reiki, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, no treatment, and false Reiki. Each Group received ten 30-minute treatments. Outcome: After three months there was a significant reduction in the Total Pain Rating Index and significant effects on anxiety and depression for the patients who received Reiki.

Study: Subtle Energies and Energy and Energy Medicine Journal 1998 Who: Ten volunteers who experienced pain at 55 different sites including cancer patients. What: Level II Reiki practitioners provided all Reiki treatments. The pain was measured using VAS and a Likert scale immediately before and after each treatment. Outcome: Both scales showed a reduction in pain following the Reiki treatments.

In another study, patients were treated with Reiki after suffering from a heart attack. When they were treated with Reiki within 72 hours of a heart attack, improvements were seen similar to those achieved when using prescription beta-blockers! And, after 6 weeks saw their symptoms improve when compares to those who didn't receive treatment.

"The Universe exists in me-I exist in the Universe"

"Light exists in me-I exist in the light"

Mikao Usui

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